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Looks like Google dropped its “Don’t be evil” motto just in time.

The personnel crises of the Trump administration are like groupies: There are so many, who can remember them once they have had their day? Sean Spicer had one of the briefest tenures of any White House press secretary; Anthony Scaramucci, whose accession to communications director precipitated Spicer’s resignation, lasted eleven days; his replacement is TBA (perhaps Stephen Miller). Reince Priebus fell as chief of staff; John Kelly, the retired Marine four-star who was secretary of homeland security, filled his shoes. Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom Trump beat like a gong for a week, is once again part of the in crowd. Perhaps Kelly will impose some order. Good luck with that. The Trumpcapades are a consequence of the president’s steep learning curve, and of his unwillingness to learn anything new. (Why should he? Buoyancy and bluster got him this far.) It makes for great television; do we have to wait for Season Two for the story arc?

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